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The Effects of Environmental Toxins

There are toxins everywhere… some are dangerous, others, less so. But the important thing is to understand and minimize these toxins effectively for health and wellness. This article will briefly define toxins, where they come from, why they can be dangerous, and how you can solve this problem with the help of a nutritional counselor in Denver!

What is a toxin?

The word “toxin” means that something is poisonous, dangerous, and will “toxicate” (make poisoned) what it comes into contact with. Taken quite literally, this would apply to bleach, rat poison, and the other easily identified “toxins” in the world. However, the word “toxin” has also expanded in meaning to include, in general, things that have a negative effect on your health. Nutritionally, this can mean garbage food or contaminants; psychologically, a “toxic” person is one who drains you of your resources. In the world of professional nutrition counseling, we generally refer to environmental or food toxins when we use the words

Where do toxins occur?

Unfortunately, toxins are all around us. In the past few decades, humans have realized that many of the plastics that we use for storing, preparing, and even serving food have toxins in the form of BPA—these chemicals can “leech” into food and cause negative changes in your body. Toxins also appear in many personal hygiene products, such as soap and makeup, and researchers are learning more and more that our skin actually absorbs these toxins. Toxins are even made in your own body—to some extent, the carbon dioxide you exhale is a toxin, and the waste produced by your digestive system is a toxin as well.

What can toxins cause?

The problem with toxins is not that they exist, but that they are too close to you! Many toxic chemicals found in food storage materials, personal hygiene products, or even foods and drinks themselves are fine left in nature, but should not be brought into your life—and certainly shouldn’t be brought into your body. Toxins can place a huge burden on your body’s digestive and waste filtration system, just like littering into a water source places a burden on the water supply. When you are overwhelmed with toxins, you may find yourself getting frequent infections, feeling “under the weather” quite often, and experiencing digestive, skin, or mood issues.

How can I reverse these effects?

One of the biggest ways to keep yourself safe from environmental toxins is to avoid them! This can be a challenge, but remember, you don’t have to be perfect—your body can remove many toxins as long as your overall health is strong. Choose safe packaging materials and personal hygiene products, and make sure that what you do put into your body promotes your health instead of hindering it. To develop a specific nutrition plan, consult with an expert in nutritional counseling. I have been working as a nutritionist in Colorado for many years, and I have helped my clients to reduce the toxins in their lives and live a healthier lifestyle

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