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The Proof Is In The Elimination!

Because we trust our doctors to know what is best (especially when it comes to our children), we walk away with prescription after prescription to alleviate what ails us. We  live in a world with advanced medical research, and yet our "highly trained" doctors insist that food sensitivities, or foods in general for that matter,…
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Dinner…It’s What’s for Breakfast!

My favorite way to start the day is with a nutrient dense leftover dinner turned breakfast skillet! So many of us break our 7-8 hr morning fast with refined grains, sugars, and little to no fat or protein. What is most concerning about a breakfast (or any meal for that matter)  full of processed refined grains, sugars,…
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Food Dyes and Additives: Top Five Ways they Affect Our Children

You want the best for your child.... From the moment you brought your child home, you wanted to make the best life for them. You breastfed or chose the best formula, you introduced new foods slowly… But have you thought about what else might be lurking in your child’s lunch? Especially as children grow older…
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The Effects of Environmental Toxins

There are toxins everywhere… some are dangerous, others, less so. But the important thing is to understand and minimize these toxins effectively for health and wellness. This article will briefly define toxins, where they come from, why they can be dangerous, and how you can solve this problem with the help of a nutritional counselor…
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