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Category Archives: Hormone Health

Antioxidant Rich Herbal Tea

Antioxidant Rich Herbal Tea from Acumen Nutrition This delicious herbal tea is high in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, B6 and C and is a great anti-inflammatory and blood pressure reducer.  This tea is also an excellent cold and flu fighter during the winter months. I usually double the amount of water used during simmering (since you will…
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The Effects of Environmental Toxins

There are toxins everywhere… some are dangerous, others, less so. But the important thing is to understand and minimize these toxins effectively for health and wellness. This article will briefly define toxins, where they come from, why they can be dangerous, and how you can solve this problem with the help of a nutritional counselor…
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Looking for a Shampoo/Conditioner With Safe Non-Toxic Ingredients?

With all the hormone disrupting, and potential cancer causing ingredients in our personal care products today, DermOrganics is one of the best non-toxic shampoo and conditioner products that I have found to manage both straight (me) and curly (husband) long hair.  Gluten free, sulfate free, and made with organic Argan Oil, and coconut oil derived…
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Chemical Free All Purpose Cleaner

Common household cleaners are laden with harmful chemicals.  Chemicals which pollute our rivers, streams and municipal water supplies, and irritate eyes, skin, and Lungs.  Just the vapors alone are thought to cause asthma, cancer and reproductive disorders. (more…)
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